There Will Be Accidents.


“In the lapse of time between two claps of one’s delicate hands, one can commit the worst crime, can confess all the sins, complete a masterpiece.  One can see one’s whole life flash right before one’s eyes, can wake up in a dream, feel like a year has passed, see atoms split in half, can give up everything, can hurt one’s dear love while deciding to turn left instead of turning right, can try with all one’s might to make the world stand still, but the smallest decision will cause a chain reaction turning one’s life around and others’ in between.  And if the said decision is also the reaction to something that’s been done a thousand years before, well is the whole equation calculated and written?  Or are there a bunch of numbers thrown together at random?  And if so then why is it so goddamn hard to believe for one second that there will be accidents?  There will be accidents.  A lot of things can happen – a lot of things – in the lapse of time between two claps of your delicate hands.”

Florian Lunaire